Here are some papers, essays, and other materials that might be helpful to the serious student of Christian Spirituality:

A Descriptive Analysis of the Motivational Exhortations of the Ante-Nicene Fathers Concerning the Value and Use of Property and Wealth

Resources for the Study of Evangelical Spirituality

What Did the Protestants Protest? Reflections on the Context of Reformation Spirituality as a “Break” with Roman Catholicism

Evangelical Vision, Eremitical Tradition, Part I: True Religion in Fourth-Century Monastic and Related Expressions

Formed Into the Beauty of Christ: Reflections on Aesthetics and Christian Spiritual Formation

Love Wisdom: A Global and Practical Introduction to Philosophy

The Metaphysics of Power: Reflections on the Basic Framework of Psychology, Community, Politics and Spiritual Formation

Christian Discernment: A Select Bibliography

Pentecostal Spirituality

For other research related specifically to evangelical spirituality, click here.

Resources and Networking for explorers of New Monasticism(s), Intentional Christian Community, and the like

 Resources for Teachers of Christian Spirituality

Instructions and Evaluation Sheets for my Solitude Retreat Assignments

Spiritual Formation in Seminary: How Is This to Be Done? (an article for Catalyst Magazine)

Higher Education Student Life and Intentional Community Experiments: A Little Networking

 Other Resources

Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age: Outline and Excerpts

Consumer Ethics the Old Fashioned Way — Reflections on John Woolman’s Interaction with Economics