Evan Howard (photo)

Evan B. Howard, Ph.D. is the founder and director of Spirituality Shoppe, a Center for the Study of Christian Spirituality. He is an affiliate associate professor of Christian Spirituality at Fuller Theological Seminary and teaches at other institutions. He is the author of The Brazos Introduction to Christian Spirituality and several other books. He leads workshops and seminars on Christian Spirituality worldwide.

In 2021, YouTube journalist Kirsten Dirksen published a video featuring our home and lifestyle. You can find it here.

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: December 20, 1955


High School: Shadle Park High School; Spokane, Washington (1971-74).

Undergraduate College: Whitworth College; Spokane, Washington (1974-78).

Seminary: Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Deerfield, Illinois (1980-83).

Graduate Studies: Gonzaga University; Spokane, Washington (1988-89).

Doctorate: Graduate Theological Union/ University of California; Berkeley, CA in the field of Christian Spirituality (1990-99).

Degrees Held

B.A. in “Understanding the Individual and Society” (a philosophy/liberal arts related Area of Concentration), Whitworth College, 1978.

M.Div. in Pastoral Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1983.

M.A. in Christian Spirituality, Gonzaga University, 1989.

Ph.D. in Christian Spirituality. GTU, 1999.

Relevant Employment History

Founder/Director of Spirituality Shoppe, Montrose, CO, 1996 to present. As part of my work with Spirituality Shoppe, I have led numerous Schools for Conversion with New Monastic communities, have spoken for and consulted with various missionary orders and similar groups, and have served in large summer gatherings such as PAPA Fest. See About Spirituality Shoppe for more information.

Affiliate Professor of Christian Spirituality: Fuller Theological Seminary; Pasadena, CA. 2014-2022.

Instructor in Spirituality and Spiritual Formation: Tyndale Seminary; Toronto, Canada. 2014-2017.

Lecturer in Early African Monasticism: The Center for Early African Christianity; Heliopolis, Egypt. 2015-2016.

Instructor in Christian Discernment: Center Quest: An Ecumenical Hub for the Study and Practice of Christian Spirituality. 2014-2017.

Lecturer in Philosophy and Religion: Mesa State College; Grand Junction, CO and Montrose, CO. 1996-2002, 2006- present. Intro to Philosophy, World Religions, Philosophy of Religion.

Faculty in History of Christian Spirituality for the Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction Program: San Francisco Theological Seminary; San Anselmo, CA. 2001 – 2008; 2014-2016.

Adjunct Faculty: Denver Seminary. Taught a class on Prayer. Summer 2008.

Co-taught a class on Monastic Wisdom at Wheaton College. with Jim Wilhoit, Tom Schwanda, and Lauren Winner. February of 2008.

Adjunct Faculty in Spiritual Formation and Mentorship: Salt Lake Theological Seminary Salt Lake City, Utah. 2003.

Training Center Director and Assistant Pastor: Vineyard Christian Fellowship of San Francisco; San Francisco, CA, 1993-96.

Adjunct Faculty in Philosophy/Religion: Whitworth College; Spokane, WA, 1990.

Academic Societies and Associations

I have been a member of Renovaré since its beginning. Likewise, I am a founding member of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Directors International. I am also a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. I am on the editorial board for the Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care.

Other Interesting Stuff

From 1998 to the present, Cheri (my wife) and I have been exploring semi-eremitical life in a high desert setting.

I have had the privilege to help start a Christian Meditation Center in Goa, India, to lead a set of teachings on St. Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan tradition in Assisi, Italy, to teach on early African monasticism in Cairo, Egypt (spending time in the monasteries there), and to lead a retreat on sustainable spirituality for a missional community in Caracas Venezuela.

I was on staff at San Francisco Vineyard Christian Fellowship and was studying Jonathan Edwards and Christian discernment during the “Toronto Blessing.” They had the chance to interview many people during a unique season of outpouring. 1994-96.

Cheri and I wrote our first monastic rule in Chicago in 1981. We’ve been experimenting with monastic rules ever since.

I spent a season volunteering with LaSalle Street Church doing ministry in urban Chicago from 1979-81.

I have also done urban ministry in Spokane, Washington, and San Francisco. I now consult with groups in inner-city settings.

Migrant farm worker, Washington and Idaho. Summers of 1975 and 1976.

Came into the Christian faith through the Jesus People Movement. 1971.

Personal Information

I was born in Passaic, NJ, and raised in Spokane, WA. I have lived in Passaic, NJ, Spokane, WA, Dayton, WA, Buhl, ID, Grand Rapids, MN, Woodstock, VT, Deerfield, IL, Richmond, CA., and Montrose, CO.

I am married with two daughters and one grandson.

My personal interests include music, gardening, building, leatherwork, and reading aloud to my family.

Select Published Writings

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