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1. Prologue:

1.1 General vision:

The vision of the Holy Spirit, in my own understanding, is to lead every Christian into the obedience of the Father God, through the salvation in Jesus Christ, by the Spirit’s empowerment. God is calling for His church, a divine community to live according to His will with His power and ability.

1.2 Particular vision:

In 1996, God asked me, “Who concerns my project in Hong Kong?” Before that time, I watched the rapid construction of the Tsing-ma Bridge, the largest suspension bridge for both railway and road, which connects the new Hong Kong airport and urban area.

I responded to Him by saying, “God, here am I, send me.”

Since then, I always remind myself that I need to live my life not for my own but for God. I have been practicing unceasing prayers and try my best to seek His will in everything, since 1994 after I learnt how to listen to God’s voice…

On day in 2007, I heard a thundering loud voice from God, “Angry no more.”

Starting from that time, I started to pray and became aware my hidden anger inside me (toward my wife at that time). Through the past seven years, I feel the nudges from the Holy Spirit to dig into my life deeper. And now I know that one of my obstacles in my spiritual growth is easily got angry in everyday life.

Recently, I feel the Spirit of God reveals to me more and more about how I had grown in the past, especially under my parents influences in my early years of life.

I feel a hunch from God that I need to unmask the veneration of filial piety further and to magnify the Lord solely. In specific, I need to obey my parents in the Lord while not praising their grandiosity.

I sense that the Spirit is calling me into more deeply and completely obedience to Him so as to be transformed into another godly new person.

2. The Rhythm — areas of my life (as correspondent to my present daily living)

2.1 Spiritual Growth

~ Always following the leadings and stirrings of the Holy Spirit and pray for God’s will and guidance always

~ Pray for the timing of God, and doing things accordingly

~ Visit my spiritual director once a month (at least for six months afterward)

~ Read the Bible with my daughter five days a week (a chapter in OT, and a passage in NT everyday)

~ Pray with my wife and daughter (my little all family members) as least six times a week before bedtime

~ Practice personal silent prayer, average ten minutes everyday

~ Learn a new Christian song as least once a month

~ Do assignments or read Christian books four hours per day in average (including spiritual reading)

~ Meet courses’ deadlines as far as possible

~ Prayfully prepare my final year project concerning Christian spiritual formation

2.2 Reflection, Learning and Discernment about my attitude

~ Reflect and examine my life daily, especially on my obedience to God or not

~ Recognizing the beauty of the ordinary

~ Meditating things that God really enjoy, and seek divine joy in everything

~ More loving my wife

~ Attentively to my emotional stability, especially my hidden anger within

~ Learning to ask forgiveness after I realize any I have done wrong, and compensate to those whom I have hurt

~ Having a gracious attitude to myself and others

~ Meet whoever asks of me (in prayer) for the first time, and then meet them according to God’s promptings

~ Speak words softly as much as possible

~ Learn from trials and sufferings positively

~ Learn English or listening/watching English program half an hour daily in average

2.3 Personal Daily Routine

~ Walk for half an hour or other physical exercise every day, with prayer and reflection

~ Take healthy food as much as possible or as guided by the Lord, and medicine as prescript by doctor

~ Rest whenever I needed, except otherwise guided by the Lord

~ Practice Daniel’s fast (clear water, vegetarian only or less food) as least once a meal per week

~ Each day begins with a prayer, and asking for the Lord on all things the need to be settled

2.4 Family and Social Life

~ Cooking and washing dishes at least five times per week, plus doing household chores half an hour a day in average

~ Play with my daughter at least once a week (for the schedule of my daughter is tight since September)

~ Taking care of my daughter when necessary, even in midnight

~ Family time and activity on irregular basis

~ Participate extended family gatherings six times a year approximately (Chinese New Year gatherings etc.)

~ Pray and connect with my friends whenever necessary (including my cohort in Tyndale)

2.5 Church and Ministry

~ Pray for my church members daily (with God’s leadings if any), love them

~ Love my neighbors, pray for and concern my community

~ Prepare every Sunday sermon, leading worship prayfully

~ Prayfully lead the spiritual direction group

~ Pray for any church event and minister according to God’s leadings (e.g. Christmas outreach if any)

~ Buy books, DVDs, etc. for the church at least twice a year

~ Hold church annual meeting in prayer, seek the will of God in concerning the church’s direction

~ Welcome visitors with hospitality; send greetings to them according to God’s guidance

2.6 Labor, Creativity, and Spending

~ Repair and fix things in my home as well as in my serving church as far as I can

~ Spend only when necessary or by the leadings of God

~ Do a new or creative thing once a month, approximately

~ Live a simple life

3. Final Remarks

~ Journaling as prompted by the Lord

~ Review this rule every month with my spiritual director

~ Be reminded that my life is a service solely to the Lord done through the Holy Spirit but not by letters or rules!