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The Metaphysics of Power: Reflections on the Basic Framework of Psychology, Community, Politics and Spiritual Formation

Evan B. Howard

July, 2012

This document serves two functions. First, it is a way for me to look at the progression of my thought–and especially my philosophical perspectives concerning reality and the realities of experience: personal, corporate and spiritual–so that I have a clear enough reference point to develop things from in the future. It is a way of temporarily organizing the clutter in the garage of my mind so that I know where to find things when I want to use them again. I don’t think that my ideas on these matters are fully formed yet. Nonetheless, I have a feeling that the only way ahead for me is to get some of my thoughts down here and now and then to revise as things develop. Second, I am writing this essay in order to make available to others a sketch of the basic interpretive framework I use to make sense of things.

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